our Story

You could say Jane and Kelly were destined to run Coburg Social.

They grew up in this neighbourhood. They’ve been friends since Jane moved in across the street from Kelly when they were in grade nine.

But, their connection to The Coburg goes even deeper. Before it was a coffee shop, it was Fader’s pharmacy and Kelly’s grandfather was the pharmacist!

These two friends place a high value on quality and have invested their time and resources to develop a truly rich experience for food and coffee lovers. They have travelled and educated themselves in the culture and art of coffee. All of their staff receive quality barista training to ensure you receive the best coffee experience. They believe life is too short to drink bad wine or coffee!

Jane and Kelly want Coburg Social to be a place where friends meet, where students feel at home and the neighbours have a sense of community. They know this is the right place for them, and they hope you feel the same.

Jane & Kelly

Coburg Social is conveniently located a block from Dalhousie University on the corner of Coburg Road and Henry Street.